Accident - Steps to Repair

Accident???  Steps of Action with Insurance Coverage

Prepare Estimate:  vehicle is inspected and data complied into an estimate that determines the cost of the repair.

Repair Authorization:  Insurance Company will review the estimate and may negotiate on the prices and procedures needed to repair the vehicle and determine if the vehicle's valule is worth repairing.

Disassembly:  The vehicle is disassembled upon authorization of repairs.  Should any hidden damage or inner structure repairs be determined, renegotiation with the insurance company may be necessary.

Order Parts:  The required parts to repair the vehicle to it's original state are ordered.

Body Repair:  Any structural damage is repaired and the vehicle continues to be repaired.

Paint & Refinishing:  All panels are prepared for paint, then primed and sealed with a final top coat or clear coat of paint.

Final Reassembly:  Any molding or detail pieces are replaced on the vehicle.  All systems are checked during this process to insure working condition.

Delivery:  A newly repaired vehicle is ready for our customer.